A maelstrom envelopes the lighthouses of an island off the coast of Nova Scotia. You, a lighthouse keeper, notice that the neighboring lighthouse just down the coast is dark and seemingly unmanned. You set out to discover what happened but a pitch black forest stands between you and the lighthouse.

Light your path through the woods and find clues as to the fate of the lighthouse keeper.


Best Visuals - Runner Up


Dane Byrd - Game, System Designer and Project Manager

Rohan Teredesai - Narrative Designer

Denzell Ford* - Gameplay & Systems Programmer

Melody Geiger - Artist

Benjamin Matthews* - Programmer and UI Design

Sameer Bibikar - Music

Special thanks to our mentor Tyler for helping us brainstorm and for providing input throughout this process!

*: This was their first game jam.

Install instructions

Web build currently is not working but Windows build works great.


Luminary-PC.zip 27 MB
LuminenceMacOS.app.zip 27 MB

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